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Devoted to one of the neatest single shot sporting rifles ever produced - a revamped version of the Sharps Borchardt action that started as the Sharps model 78 - see the 1971 specifications from an American Rifleman magazine review below. One correction is that the rifles were actually sent out with Leupold 3-9x scopes and not the Redfields.

The deluxe versions came in green hard case (foam has likely deteriorated) with 3 brown accessory boxes, sling and one piece cleaning rod. The original ad below indicated a trunk style leather case but they sent nearly all of them out in the green cases. A few special rifles did go out with the leather cases.

The case will have a small tag with CSxxx and Sharps and Colt logo on either end of tag. That is the only clue to a Colt connection, unless you have paperwork, as the barrel only has "Sharps Arms Co." on it.

Produced in 5 main calibers as shown in the ad below.

Most were made with 26" barrels and some were in 28" and the forearms may be a standard profile or beavertail style.

I'm just getting this started so bear with me as I get it developed a bit further.

Here are some photos below of one of these beauties - the wood is usually very figured.

Rarest caliber (of the 5 standards) is 25-06.

There is ALWAYS a serious interest here if you have a Colt Sharps or Sharps 78 you are looking to sell or if you happen across a case by itself I would be interested.

At least contact me and give me a shot before you send it to auction and get less than I will pay.


Brian Kelly


January 16, 2024

Whole rifle

RH side of stock


LH side of stock

Cartridge trap cover

American Rifleman ad 1971